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Duo One Line - Comedy Beatbox Trailer 2022
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Westfaelischer Anzeiger

“Duo One Line’s Bochum-based artists Adrian Schulte-Zweckel and Jannis Nau emerged as the audience favourites. After mesmerizing viewers with their diabolo juggling act, they also revealed themselves to be brilliant entertainers, beatboxers and vocal mimics. Rarely has so much laughter welcomed two people merely bowing together on stage….”

(Claudia Kasten)


Badische Neuste Nachrichten

“Duo One Line’s Jannis Nau and Adrian Schulte-Zweckel shone as the audience favourites. With their delightful imitations and fantastic technical skills, both mimicked a range of sounds in beatbox style, while making different diabolos dance mid-air with incredible ease and lightness… This is artistry and comedy at the highest level.”

(Stephan Friedrich)


Saale Zeitung

"Responsible for the funny side were the graduates Jannis Nau and Adrian Schulte-Zweckel from Witten. As a duo, they moved between clownish sketches, making music on different instruments and the masterly handling of the diabolos."

(Gerhard Schaar)

“We are referring to the two jokesters from “Duo One Line”, whose recurrent onstage appearances rocked the show thanks to their hilarious parodies.”


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