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Ehemalge Zirkusschüler starten Profi-Karriere (WAZ, 01.01.2020):

Wenn sich die Welt um das Diabolo dreht (Stadtspiegel Bochum, 01.01.2020):

Bühne statt Büro (Stadtmagazin Bremen, 01.08.2019):

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"The audience celebrate their six and a half minute diabolo show full of skill, speed and dynamism."

(Jürgen Stahl)

Bonn FM

"Besides the usual acrobatics, the diabolo jugglers, who delighted the audience with their energetic and cheerful performance, were a special highlight."

(Maso Günther)

“Jannis Nau and Adrian Schulte-Zweckel returned for the evening’s last highlight, this time to display their remarkable acrobatic skills to an awe-struck audience who was treated to a fearless, fast-paced and technically flawless diabolo duo act.”

Dülmener Zeitung

“There were two diabolo jugglers for the price of one, and the performers exchanged their toys mid-flight at a breath-taking tempo.”

(Hans-Martin Stief)

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